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The Role Of PVC Shrink Film In Daily Life
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The PVC shrink film is doubled with a mixture of PVC resin and more than ten auxiliary materials. It is characterized by good transparency, good shrinkage and high strength. PVC shrink film manufacturers can freely adjust the shrinkage rate according to the needs of users, and have strong operability. Its water resistance, flame retardancy, low cost and high yield characteristics are also favored by manufacturers, distributors and enterprises.

At present, the annual demand for heat shrinkable film in China's beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries is about 1 million tons, which shows that its market is unprecedented.

In China, heat shrinkable film is mainly used in the following three fields.

In the field of beverage packaging, the total amount of heat shrinkable film soft drink bottles used in soft drink packaging, dairy packaging, and pure water packaging markets is over 100,000 tons, and is growing at an average annual rate of 18%.

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, the shrink film is replacing the carton, which greatly reduces the packaging cost of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical packaging mainly refers to bottles, lids, boxes, films, etc. for packaging medicines and medical machinery.

In the field of beer packaging, China's beer production exceeded 51.89 million tons last year, requiring more than 82 billion beer bottles. If 5% uses heat shrinkable film bottle sets, the annual consumption will reach 50,000 tons, and the market potential is amazing.

At present, China's plastic packaging heat shrinkable film is used in hundreds of thousands of tons, including PVC, PS, PE and other materials, of which PVC is the hot shrink film with the highest market share. Letong Packaging is located in the west of Changshu, with Shanghai in the east, Suzhou in the south, Wuxi in the west and the Yangtze River in the north. It has a very advantageous geographical position. With the advanced production equipment, strict quality assurance system and rich management experience, Letong Packaging specializes in producing PVC, PE heat shrinkable film, LLDPE stretch film and PE shrink bag. There are 12 production lines, 4 computerized heat sealing and cutting machines, 2 computer cutting machines, 2 semi-automatic sealing and cutting machines, 2 kneading machines, and can be used for sealing and cutting bags. The annual production capacity is over 10,000 tons.

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