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There Is No Clear And Strict Definition Of The Film In The Packaging Industry
- Jul 06, 2018 -

There is no clear and strict definition of the film in the packaging industry. It is just a common name in the industry. Simply speaking, it is a rolled up packaging film. For a packaging manufacturer, it is only one less process than producing a finished bag. Also consistent with plastic packaging bags, common PVC shrink film roll film, opp roll film, pe roll film, pet protective film, composite roll film and so on. The film is applied to an automatic packaging machine, such as a common bag shampoo, and some wipes are used in this packaging mode. The use of roll film packaging is relatively low cost but requires an automatic packaging machine. In addition, we will see a roll film application in daily life. In small shops selling cups of milk tea, porridge, etc., we often see a kind of on-site packaging sealing machine, which uses a sealing film. The most common roll film packaging is bottle packaging, and generally uses heat shrinkable film, such as some cola, mineral water, etc., especially non-cylindrical shaped bottles are more commonly used heat shrink film.

The film has two main meanings, one is the special vocabulary, the collective name for the packaging film supplied by the packaging industry, which is also the most commonly used usage of the word film. The other layer is a general vocabulary, which refers to rolling up the film, and "rolling paper", "rolling cloth" and "rolling things" is a usage, but the vocabulary application is relatively rare.

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