• Polyolefin Shrink Film Rolls

    Polyolefin Shrink Film Rolls

    We are a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of Polyolefin Shrink Film rolls.
    Polyolefin film is characterised by its high transparency, giving excellent exposure of the packed product, and by a high gloss finish that improves appearance and aids...
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  • Polyolefin Shrink Bags

    Polyolefin Shrink Bags

    Our company specializes in the manufacture and export of polyolefin shrink bags.
    There are several classification of the polyolefin shrink film: single wound, centerfold, tubing and shrink bags. All different types can be used for customers’ all kinds products, also...
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  • Heat Shrink Wrap Film Rolls

    Heat Shrink Wrap Film Rolls

    ​We hope to be the best supplier of heat shrink wrap film rolls in China
    We bring forth a wide range of Polyolefin Shrink Films that is available with a protective function, which protects the packed product from dust, moisture and smell. These films are available with...
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  • Pof Plastic Film

    Pof Plastic Film

    ​Shanghai Sunward Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of POF(polyolefin) shrink film, founded in 2011. Our company is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park which is a national industrial park. We have more than ten years of experience in film packaging...Read More
  • Polyolefin Pof Shrink Film

    Polyolefin Pof Shrink Film

    ​We are specialized in manufacturing polyolefin shrink film and supply polyolefin pof shrink film.
    POF shrink film has a superior gloss, clarity and sheen which makes it a great choice for the retail market. Ideal for use in Mini and Replay shrink wrapping...
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